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Wood Destroying Organism Report

A Wood Destroying Organism Report (WDO), often called a “Wood Infestation Report,” a “Termite Letter,” a “Clearance Letter,” or a “Real Estate Report,” is a document verifying a property shows no signs of Termite damage at the time of inspection. In order to be sure of a property’s safety and value, a property buyer will often request a WDO from a property seller.
If no termite activity is found, then an inspector may issue a WDO. However, if there is evidence of termite activity, the inspector may recommend steps be taken to remove the termites. Once the termites are gone, the WDO can be issued.
The length of time a WDO remains valid varies by state, but 30 day validity is common. This means that if termites are found within a property during that time, the issuer of the WDO can be held responsible for the damage and treatment.
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