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Since 2010, Blackwater Consulting has been dedicated to helping its clients navigate the legal world of termites, insects, and other wood destroying organisms. Located in South Carolina, we offer our legal services to the greater Southeastern United States and beyond. We aim to provide defensible analysis, thorough on-site assessment, and concise expert testimony for our clients.


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I have been working with Stoney Bachman as an litigation consultant for pest control cases since 2010. His education and experience enables him to offer expert opinions from the perspective of an entomologist, a regulatory agent and a pest control operator. His depth of knowledge is unparalleled in the field and is a distinct advantage to his clients in litigation.


I have worked with Stoney on numerous cases involving wood destroying insects. Stoney always carefully investigates the infestation. His background in entomology allows him to form opinions about where and how insects initially infested the structure. His regulatory background gives Stoney the ability to analyze the legal and regulatory implications of an infestation. Stoney’s commonsense demeanor makes him an excellent witness.If you are an attorney looking for an expert in a case involving termites or other wood destroying organisms, I wholeheartedly recommend Stoney Bachman.


Stoney consistently provides objective and reliable assessments in cases involving inspections and treatments for wood-destroying organisms. He is also able to convey his findings and opinions in a conversational and easy-to-understand manner.


Case History

Our Recent Case History

Sellers v Manic

Orangeburg Cty, SC (2016-CP38-01365) Nature of Litigation

Gibson v Tremex Termite & Pest

Charleston Cty, SC (2016-CP-10-6442) Nature of Litigation:

Lewis v Knight Pest Control

Beaufort Cty, SC (2014-CP-07-2723) Nature of Litigation

McCaskill v JPM Service

Dorchester Cty, SC (2016-CP-08-1162) Nature of Litigation

Oliver v Todd’s Best

Horry Cty, SC (2016-CP-26-4434) Nature of Litigation

Phillips v Fowler’s

Marshall Cty, AL (01-16-0004-1727) Nature of Litigation:

Nicholson v Pest Masters

Mobile Cty, AL (CV-2017-9000802) Nature of Litigation

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